Mill No.8 Travels: Portland, OR.

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Mill No.8 Travels: Portland, OR.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” - Anita Desai

Portland. A stunning mix of lush, comforting greenery and people with earlobes that you could jump rope with. Well, it’s not all exactly like an episode of Portlandia. We should rephrase - there is just as much outdoorsy and beautiful scenery as there is a culture in this city. And the residents seem unapologetic about their quirky style. After all - “keep Portland weird”.

Portland is full of creatives and young entrepreneurs who have a great sense of style and elegance. Other aspects of the city represent the characteristics of its residents very well. From richly historic taverns and speakeasy’s to vibrant hotel bar scenes, to lush hiking and biking trails, there’s a consistent feel throughout the area. We went to check it out and brought back a few of the best.  

Here’s a list of some of the best activities in Portland:

 Mill No. 8 visits Rams Head


Rams Head

Housed in "The Campbell," a residential hotel (now high-end condos) built in 1912, the Rams Head is a spirited meeting place just a step down off the sidewalk. As you sample the specialty cocktails, take note of the rich historical attributes, from the woodwork to artwork. Visit:

Best Paired with: Hyde Park in Blue Desert Floral. The sophisticated yet young ambience of the place and its neighborhood, Nob Hill, ask for a trendy take on dress shirts.

Mill No. 8 visit Whiskey Bar

Whiskey bar

Multnomah Whiskey Library

The Multnomah Whiskey Library holds an exhaustive collection representing all major, and lesser, styles of distilled spirits known to the modern world. Check out at

Best Paired with: The Roosevelt Collection in Navy Herringbone. At Multnomah, elegance is key. For that reason, a black fitted shirt is always a great option.  

Mill No. 8 visit Rooftop Drinks

Rooftop drinks

Destination at The Nines hotel

Guests are whisked directly to the 15th floor by elevator from the ground floor lobby of the Nines Hotel and immediately enter through the “barnacle”, a low ceiling entrance. The main dining room is an intimate space with a teak-clad bar situated below a 65-foot long windshield skylight. A custom-made wooden structure shaped like a “smokestack” just above the bar and makes reference to the ocean liner theme. Perfect for an after-work happy hour.

Best Paired with: All White Collection in White Herringbone, since the atmosphere of the place requires a dress code one step above casual.

Mill No. 8 rides the river

Ride the river

Bike rides

One of the things Portland is known for is its bikes. Oregonians and out of towners love to ride their bikes along the Willamette River and across the city. So, while you’re there don’t miss the chance to do the same.  Chase the sun at and

Best Paired with: Linen Collection in Green Blue Chambray. Bike rides require cooler and softer garments, making chambray and linen perfect alternatives.

Don't miss the game!

Catch the Blazers game

NBA basketball at the Moda Center

Portland loves the Trail Blazers as much as guys love sports. So while you’re there why not stop at Moda Center for a Blazers game? If you’re not really into basketball, you can also catch a hockey game with the Portland Winterhawks.

Best Paired with: The Wabash Collection in Red Tartan Plaid. When getting dressed to watch a game, plaid shirts are a no-brainer, because they make you look stylish without being too dressed up.

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