The Best Cotton in the World for Your Dress Shirts

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The Best Cotton in the World for Your Dress Shirts

Egyptian Giza Cotton

Naturally breathable, soft and durable. Let nature do the heavy lifting.

The fascination to grow the highest quality cotton is centuries old. In fact, cotton industry played a pivotal role in scaling up economies like United Kingdom, North Africa, and India.

Countries with favorable climate conditions have reaped benefits. Egyptian cotton, with an established reputation for being the ‘best’ in the world, has spiraled growth of Egypt over past 300 years and continues to lead today. The organized trade of Egyptian cotton started in 1865, as Egypt transformed into a major business hub in Africa.

The specific place in Egypt is called Nile Delta, where Nile river spreads out and subsequently meets the Mediterranean Sea.  It is the most fertile area of Egypt where rain, sun, humidity, and soil combine to produce a climatic perfection.

Egyptian Cotton Hand Harvesting

Some of the characteristics make it superior to all other cotton variants and natural fibers. 

Extra Long Staple (ELS) fibers – the fibers are extra-long with high uniformity index, producing amazing sheen and luster closer to silk. The irregularities are minimal and it feels very smooth on the skin when woven into a fabric.

Strength –  Adding to superior properties is a high breaking resistance and hence it will look as good as new for a long time

Breathable – thanks to its natural structure and porous characteristics, the air movement is not restricted, making it a breathable fabric

Even today, most of the Egyptian cotton is hand-harvested, to preserve its natural properties, keeping its fibers straight and intact.


Egyptian Cotton

An Era of Luxury Cotton

The Egyptian cotton has remained the most sought after, especially by the European mills, known for their superior weaving techniques. The longer staples translate into more uninterrupted fibers when composing yarns. It means the use of fewer chemicals to create white fabrics, and a silky-smooth finish.
Egyptian Cotton Field
A partly harvested cotton field. Photo Courtesy- Kimberly Vardeman
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