Three Trends You Can’t Miss This Fall

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Three Trends You Can’t Miss This Fall

Finally. Fall.

Don’t get us wrong, Summer is a beautiful time of year. But if you’re like us, we’re happy not to be sweating and wearing shorts and loafers anymore. Time to layer up, bring out the big guns, and look damn good.

So, there are some trends going on that we noticed. Some new stuff, some old classics, but in either case we’ve only chosen the good ones. And the ways you can wear your Mill No. 8 fitted shirts and pants to complete the look. Fall’s here boys, time to look sharp.

Plaids and Checks

Yeah, yeah, you’ve seen this one before, but plaids weren’t always “in”. A few years ago they were “for old men”. We never saw it that way, but either way they’re back. almost always make the Fall list. The twist this season is more classy and timeless checks, rather than the grunge style flannels that have taken over the previous seasons. Think “prep meets lumberjack”. This classy dress shirt from the Wabash Collection is professional yet stylish and makes it perfect for layering under a puffy vest, a suit or a sweater. The cool thing about gingham is its pattern can hide extra body weight, and doesn’t have to be perfectly ironed to look good. 

Denim jackets



Usually reserved for troublemakers in the 80’s, now denim is all over the place. It’s done really well when dressing down a slick, professional shirt and tie. Grab one with a nice fit, event with a little wear and tear, and throw it on over a fitted shirt from our Hyde Park collection for a playful style. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a beautiful tie to match your outfit.

Colorful Suits

Source: Fashion Beans

You can’t escape black and brown, not that you’d want to, but there are lots of other colors out there. And this year, try to experiment a little, what colors work with your eyes, skin tone, etc? Some cool options are autumnal hues, such as taupe, powder blue, teal and camel, as well as colors such as emerald green and burgundy. And with any well-done look comes balance. Keep the inside layer simple with a crisp tailored shirt from our All White Collection.

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