Welcome to Mill No.8!

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Welcome to Mill No.8!

Ever feel like your wardrobe just looks like you stole a bunch of dress shirts and pants from similar-shaped people? Well honestly, it’s because we all do.

Every guy, all of us, are different, from head to toe. And we thought, “Why am I forced to fit into clothes instead of them fitting to me?” ‘My clothes’ need to be custom made to ‘me’.

That’s why we came up with our new “made-to-measure” formula. Our proprietary algorithm is designed to create the best shapes, curves, and unique fits possible, giving you custom dress shirts and pants that are totally unique to you.

Indeed, a new meaning to the phrase “my clothes”.


“Why am I forced to fit into clothes instead of them fitting to me?”

But we didn’t stop there. We pride ourselves in delivering a clothes that feel and look amazing. And that starts with quality.

And quality, is hard to find. But that didn’t scare us, we weren’t going back to our old wardrobe without a fight. So we searched until we found the highest quality raw materials and services, sourced from different countries all over the world. Wool from Italy, cotton from Egypt. As important is our craftsmanship, as our shirts are crafted with 23 stitches per inch, well above the industry standard. The result is a shirt that looks impeccably clean and sharp. And did we mention, custom made?

Our products were inspired by and created for the go-getter man who never stops. A man who appreciates quality and understands the importance of looking good, who likes classic looks but also loves to play with trends.

Welcome to Mill No. 8!

To check out our products, click the links below. Any questions? Just send us an email. In order to design the best custom dress shirts and pants possible, we need to offer the best customer service possible (including white glove and a ‘no questions asked’ return policy) - and that starts with you. We hope you like what you find!

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