Privacy Policy


Mill No. 8, an exclusive retail Brand from Mill No 8 Inc., ("us","our","we","ours") provides menswear – custom dress shirts, custom dress pants, and accessories, (including fabric & leather products) at present. This policy aims at instructing you about our policy of gathering, storing, analyzing, and usage of the content we receive from you. We reserve the right to update the policy without prior notice and without assigning reasons whatsoever. The information can be used as deemed appropriate, including, but not limited to, gathering, analyzing, modifying, deleting, disclosing or transferring the data or all results derived from the data to its associates, affiliates, and third parties, within the United States or other countries, as per the terms specified in the policy.


We collect information to help you experience best and integrated navigational experience of our website, various functionalities and services. (collectively, the "Service").

We collect the following information-
  1.  IP address, to ensure none can abuse, hack, destroy the site
  2. Geographical location of you, to ensure we can deliver you the product
  3. Internet service provider name, location and details of such connection, to prevent site abuse.
  4. Internet speed, to ensure smooth page view
  5. Physical details of system (system resource), to ensure smooth performance
  6. Search time to understand, demand and preference
  7. Customer details including, name, postal address, email and password, to ensure no compromise on a customer account. To avoid creating a duplicate account, we may ask for the Government issued Identification proof, in case of further validation.
  8. Evaluation of product, to create better service and product
  9. Feedback and comments, to create better service and more customized product
  10. Transaction details and Payment methods, to make payment easy and to send report of such transaction(s)
  11. Browser details, to ensure compatibility at every end user
  12. Monitor resolution details, to ensure compatibility and appropriate resolution
  13. Plug-in software details, to ensure proper display
  14. Tracking through cookies and web beacons, pixel tags, meta data to restore session, or find a product they recently searched or kept in a cart, from where they are redirected.
  15. Keeping details of the last search, to ensure continuity in their last search
  16. Keeping details of service requests, to avail new product and services as per customer request.
  17. Keeping details of products left in cart, so that user can purchase the item in the event of failure in earlier transaction(s)
  18. Keeping details of the environment, where the website is unable to load properly, to ensure more compatibility to different Operating System and system environment.

Most of such collection of information happens at our server automatically. (necessary to part with these pieces of information, to have a customized, smooth experience of surfing or purchasing products through the site.)

You can delete cookies by using appropriate browser settings, however, you may not be able to have best site experience or perhaps a few functional features might become inaccessible.

If you like, you can opt out of not so relevant data collection (cookies and web beacons data are mandatory and if you opt out, you may have difficulty in accessing the site and cannot purchase or login to your account), some or whole user experience may be jeopardized because of such opt out. For example, if you choose to opt out from location based data products available near your location or delivered to your location, it might not work and you may be required to feed those details manually.

We use the collected information and process at our end or may send it to third parties. We process data to understand a market, demand potential, price and quality requirement and such other details to ensure appropriate and ever evolving product and user experience.


When you try to access our services such as registering, subscribing to our blog and mailing list, making a purchase, or provide feedback, we will require certain personally identifiable information. The information includes, but not limited to, your name, phone number, email address, complete physical address. This is essential to render our services effectively. When you make a purchase on the site; our payment gateway or relevant third parties may also collect your information for the payment processing.

We may use certain information provided to us such as email address to contact you regarding our promotional offers, intimating about our new collections/initiatives as per your interest. You are at your will to discontinue using such services by unsubscribing yourself, from the links mentioned in such communications.


We collect the data at our servers, when you visit our website, choose to join the mailing list, visit our blogs or as and when you make purchase(s) from the website.  The data are log data. This log data can help us understand and analyze the computer IP address, track certain online patterns such as the previous site you visited, our site effectiveness by understanding time spent on each page, searched content and other relevant data points. The data also helps us to verify the user activities, and help improve our website performance across various browsing platforms on all devices.


Clear GIFs, web beacons, pixels tags or similar means, are small blocks of code on a webpage that allow us to perform activities like read and place cookies, placed on your device's hard drive. Cookies are specifically used for keeping up with the session data, and to restore session. It has vital cues to log in to your account. Please be advised not to part with cookies or session data or login data to anyone, else your account may be compromised. This is prohibited as per our policy as well. You can, however, change your web browser setting to block cookies or receive a prompt before accepting cookies from websites you visit. In case if you choose to block the cookies, some of the functionalities might not work properly or might not work at all.


At the time of sign up or at any time afterwards, you can change your email preference. You can subscribe or unsubscribe any or all kinds of emails from us! To help the communication more engaging, sometimes we receive read receipts of your open emails from The usage of the data is strictly as per privacy policy stipulated under Personally Identifiable information.


Please do not share banking or card or financial details to any person through email or phone call. We do not and will never ask for your password for banking or card passcode or pin etc. details in a non-secure or unsolicited manner whether through telephone or email. If you receive such unscrupulous call(s) or email(s), then please contact law enforcement agencies immediately.


We do not sell any data or personal information to anyone or third parties. The data are shared purely for analysis as per the Privacy Policy, under Personally Identifiable Information.


We at our discretion may provide aggregate, non-identifiable information, and other log data to third parties for an analysis and other uses, deemed appropriate. At any point, however, the data will not contain your personally identifiable information.


We are duty bound to honor requests from court of law, law enforcement agencies or private parties to enforce and comply with the laws of the land. We will share any data available to us, at our sole discretion, deemed necessary, be it identifiable or non-identifiable details, and help in process of justice. The same can be provided to protect our assets and rights, to protect the society or an individual, or to prevent or stop illegal, unethical activities in general pragmatism.


In any event including bankruptcy, if we choose to merge, sell whole or portions of our business, including your personally identifiable information, you will be bound by such new terms and privacy policy. You will have an option not use account or delete account as per your discretion.


We publish various blogs on the site, with a purpose of education, entertainment or providing relevant information as we deem fit. The contents of the Blog, including the comments posted by users (existing customers or visitors), can be viewed by others. Your specific information such as your name, the email address will be visible to others as well.


You may avail an option to log in (coming soon) with the social media account such as FB, Twitter, or Google Plus. We will not share your account information with all such social networking sites unless you expressly provide your consent.


In order to carry out our operations and bring efficiency in our systems and processes, we employ external service providers. The service providers will perform website maintenance & development activities, other online activities, or might be used for routine operations at our third-party manufacturing units. These third parties will have access to your personally identifiable information. However, the same information will be treated in a confidential manner, and only to perform stipulated operations, on behalf of Mill No. 8.


At any time, you can change account details and verify the new ones like email address etc. or can delete your account. However, if you have purchased any merchandise from our site, you are liable to pay all dues etc. If you choose to delete your account, we will keep your data for next 90 days, during which you can reinstate the account. After the elapsed time, it will be permanently deleted from our server, but already acquired data including web beacons, pixel tag, meta data etc. can still be processed in all unidentifiable formats and for analysis. In case of fulfilling legal requirements, we may have to retain an archive of your records, depending upon laws of the land in which we operate.


We endeavor to ensure the complete safeguarding of your information across all our platforms. However, it's not possible to secure 100% confidentiality of data over the electronic information or storage. In case of any eventuality, however, we will notify you via all reasonably possible modes of communications, including email and website postings, in the reasonable time-frame.


We try our best to do what we do. However, we still are prone to mistakes in rare instances. Should you have any grievance against merchandise(s) received or not received or regards to quality or fitment etc., you can write to us at As per stipulated policies, we will try to address the concerns in a time bound manner, to the best of our ability. 


All information, including purchase(s) are subject to currency, delivery, customs and local tax laws in your location/state/province/country. Your information may be transferred to – computers located outside your state/province/country. Your consent to this Privacy Policy, and you providing such information grants us permission to the transfer for business operations.


We may use photograph and links to other sites, search engines like Google or any partner advertiser(s), for promotion or other business needs as deemed fit. Please apply caution while divulging any sensitive information in the external sites. We do not have any control or restriction on the information collected from the sites. The privacy policies of external sites may also not be as stringent as that of ours.


We cannot always guarantee the picture or other content(s) to be family friendly. Thus, children below 18 years are advised not to use the site. We are maintaining the site per sensible youth and adult taste, thus children or adolescents are advised not to use the site on their own. In case, such cases of a child under 18 providing personal information come to our notice, we will immediately delete such information from servers. We will not be held liable for any loss of property/ information or damage, resulting from deleting such data.


You can contact us at Phone: +1 888 598 7226, or Email: info@millno8 for any suggestion, feedback, support or concerns. Kindly mention Privacy Policy in the subject line, to help us address effectively in a time bound manner.


Our policy is subject to change and might be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any changes in the policy by publishing on the site, though we are under no obligation to intimate you prior to such change. You are suggested to refer to this policy frequently for regular updates.