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This site is owned by Mill No. 8 Inc. ("The company”, “our", "us", "ours", "we", "Mill No. 8") under Brand Mill No. 8. We have exclusive right over the entire site including theme, schemes, content, color, offers and photos and all graphic and non-graphic contents, display settings, style and sequence etc. These Terms of Service notifies about user of the site and other services via the site. The site and other services are referred to as "services". Anybody copying any part thereof will be subject to infringement laws of land and international convention for the fair protection of trademark, business mark, and copy right laws, as applicable.


The terms or service are subject to change without any notice, at our sole discretion. However, we will notify about the change or updated policies by publishing the terms of services on the website as well as in other forms of communications, as deemed appropriate and possible. Your continuation to avail the services of the site, post terms updates, provides your consent of acceptance of revised terms and your adherence to the same. You may however discontinue using the services, in case if you don't agree to the terms.


We cannot always guarantee the picture or content to be family friendly. You must be at least 18 years of age to use our services. You are agreeing to the legal obligation with us by using the services and confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.


To order products, you need to register an account for yourself and for that purpose; you need to share correct details like your full name, email address, contact number(s) and delivery address. We do not accept PO address at this moment and will not process the orders for same. In case of a conscious attempt to furnish incorrect or inappropriate details, we reserve the rights to suspend or terminate your account as deemed fit. You shall be notified of all such actions, through the email provided at the time of account creation. It's your obligation to keep all your account details updated, correct on regular basis or on a need basis. We shall not be held liable for loss or damage resulting out of incorrect details. You also hereby confirm that you will not share your account credentials with others, in what so ever circumstances and you will inform us through email, in case of observance of any unauthorized usage of your account. Any and all activities under your account shall be liable against you, irrespective of within your knowledge or otherwise.


You can subscribe to our newsletter/blogs or other forms of communications such as emails, e-catalogs etc. The content of such communication is intended to 18 years of age or older, and for general consumption. You can however unsubscribe to such communications at the site, at any given time. You will be unsubscribed from all communications within a week from the date of the request. However, you will receive transactional communications such as order confirmation, invoices, delivery confirmation emails etc., as and when required.


We provide a platform to browse and shop the apparels and accessories mainly, in sync with current fashion trends. You may find appropriate product(s) that suit your requirement and add products or merchandise to cart and proceed to check out. You would be prompted to log in or register, if not already.


You can browse and place an order comprising of a single or multiple products (most are custom made), as required. We will provide you the confirmation through email or other forms, after receipt of your confirmation. However, the same cannot be construed as acceptance of your order. In case we change or modify your order for some reason, you will be notified accordingly at your registered email address. We reserve all rights to refuse, limit or cancel orders at our sole discretion. We do not process unsolicited order placements by dealers, distributors, resellers and basis best of our judgment, we reserve the right to amend or cancel the order(s). We will notify of all such changes or cancellations at registered email address within a reasonable time. In case of the order modification or cancellations, we will refund the balance money through the same mode of payment in the same currency.

You will be notified about your order status, shipping details, delivery confirmation etc. You may choose a mode of shipment and scheduled delivery if options are available. You are liable to pay shipping and handling cost for your order up front while placing an order, if applicable. The same will be mentioned additionally, if applicable. There are unforeseen circumstances, sometimes beyond our control resulting into a delay of shipment, we shall not be held accountable for such delay. However, we will notify you about the same within a reasonable time and work hand in hand with you for an immediate delivery. You can expect to get your parcel within 21 days, post confirmation of orders. You will be provided shipping details for tracking real time delivery status.


Post filling up delivery details, you need to pay the total amount payable that includes, prices of the product, shipping & handling charges, if applicable. You are however liable to pay the applicable federal, state and all other taxes as applicable, as per the laws of the land. We shall not be liable for paying all and any taxes, on your behalf to Government institution. In order to deliver best of the products, we source various raw materials across the world and manufacture in the best –suited environment. We endeavor to provide high-quality products in the quickest time possible. And hence, we sometimes directly ship the products from our factories to you. In case of any customs or other duties paid by you, we will reimburse same to you, as means of the store credit within 15 days of such notification from you.


You confirm by placing an order that you agree to pay the price of product or products ordered in advance, which is inclusive of all shipping, handling and other applicable charges. You hereby are notified to pay the applicable service tax and other Federal/local Government taxes, as applicable to laws of land directly. We may not charge or take responsibilities to pay for the taxes.


Should there a need arises to cancel the order, or to request for return or exchange the products, the policies are clearly stipulated. You are advised to review such applicable policies on understanding how and when you may cancel, return or exchange products.

Once the product is returned, if you have a specific query or a concern relating to purchase, cancel, refund, return, please use our customer support no +1 888 598 7226 or email us at


We list each product with its specification that includes color, materials used, and other details as deemed important.


We are committed to deliver as per your order(s) on time. However, sometimes slip ups do happen. And because of it, sometimes error or omission or inaccurate product delivery does occur. As soon as we notice, we will try to address your concerns within a reasonable time. There can also be inadvertent errors in contents – copy and graphics. We reserve the right to change/rectify as per our sole discretion without prior notice. In case of any errors, we reserve the right to amend, cancel, or suspend the orders as deemed appropriate. In case of cancellation of order(s) for whatsoever reason, we will immediately notify you and the refund will be initiated with the same mode of payment. You agree and obliged not to make any direct or indirect adverse claim against us. Our liability will be limited to the refund of the product price charged at the order placement, to the extent applicable.


Due to monitor resolution, screen type, display variation occurs with respect to certain color. We disclaim our liability for the same by writing a self-explanatory name of the color.


For orders placed, we reserve all rights to refuse, limit or cancel orders at our sole discretion. In case of finding with reasonable understanding that orders have been placed by dealers, distributors or third parties with an objective to resell the products, we will modify, limit or cancel orders as deemed appropriate. Orders might be canceled, in case any inappropriate, illegal means are found, such as multiple email accounts, identities, names, incorrect details or misrepresenting information what so ever, to avail benefits from existing or future policies, or which are found in conflict with laws of land.


Against every important account activity like account opened, password changed, delivery address changed, or account deleted (subject to your confirmation via such registered email address,) transaction against your account, we will send you notification and alert that includes purchased merchandise details, packaging, shipping, delivery, returned etc. at your registered email. We may also send you promotional emails to educate or intimate about new season collections, categories, fashion trends or offers and discounts. You have an option to unsubscribe from all such promotional communications in the emails you receive.


Please refer to Privacy Policy, as published on


You are encouraged to write feedback about our services, product, delivery and all other suggestions. You can give us your feedback at or +1 888 598 7226 or on the website feedback page. All your feedback will remain an exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free property of Mill No. 8 and we reserve the right to use the content in any manner deemed appropriate.



The web content, themes, schemes, catalog, product distribution, photography is owned and copy righted by us and no one has right to use any part or complete content etc., for what so ever reason, without explicit written approval from us.


The content is owned by us and our associates. If you have found any error in themes, photography or in other materials, you can report to us and we reserve the right to continue using them or remove them at any point without any further notice. If you have given us any feedback, then we own the right, if not otherwise specified, to use it for promotion or any purpose we deem fit.

We reserve the right to use or transfer the usage of this content, themes, and scheme etc. to anybody, under any leave or license to any venture, associate organization, subsidiary, or any third party, without assigning any reason and without prior notice.

Any user content published by you on our site is non- exclusive, deemed royalty free. We will not be held accountable for maintaining, or removing (or failure to removing) the content visible to others.

We are well within our rights to publish any user content and shall fully co-operate with law enforcement agencies for providing any and all information required. You waive Mill No. 8 and its associates from any direct or indirect claim(s) resulting from incorrect, in appropriate, unethical or proprietary information, posted by you for perpetuity.



By your use of the site, you agree to follow laws of land and adhere to all terms mentioned by us. You agree not to use the site for creating dissonance, spreading viruses, bugs, malware or create any denial of service attack against any user or against us or spread hatred, use defamatory statement against us or any third party. You will not use the site to conduct any illegal activity, under your local laws. You are obliged not to indulge in resale of products purchased from us. We have exclusive right to debar you from using the site in all above circumstances and can seek legal remedy against you and compel you to pay us such compensation. Also, we may suspend or terminate your account, for an occurrence of any prohibited activity. Any money or points, discounts, undelivered merchandise you may have in your account may be held-up (indefinitely till we realize compensation from you against such illegal activities).


We are committed to ensure that our system is secured against perceivable cyber threats but at times threat level cannot be perceived in advance. In certain, however rare circumstances, we might be forced to stay offline and your product purchase or delivery may be affected. We disclaim any liability to compensate you for such delays. You are advised to use security solution for protection of your system, email and internet, (your personal computer or smart device including a smart phone, tablet PC etc.) and not to respond to any unknown or unscrupulous email or calls or open any attached document without scanning.

You are obliged not to carry out any and all activities which may result into harmful results, adversely affecting our ability to service.


We may host links to third party web site or advertisement or promotional links leading to any third-party site or advertisement of any third party. We disclaim any liability to censor any content or verify any content of any such links or safety of such site; you are advised to act cautiously.



You are advised to use the site directly without using any third party site or site redirect services, or any other URL apart from our website at You are advised to choose username and password carefully and your password should not contain the real name or user name (a password should consist of at least, six, alphanumeric and special character combination, for more security use long sentence and upper case and lower case alphabet). Your account may be compromised, if you share your login or password or other account details with others or if you access your account through third party sites. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate account where unusual activity is detected. This is to prevent unauthorized use of our services and protect your privacy. However, we will not be held accountable, for any resultant misuse of your account in what so ever manner.



The service you are enjoying is subject to suspension without assigning any reason and it's purely as per our discretion and operability. We have reserved the rights to suspend, modify or terminate the account for violation of our terms, with an immediate effect. You will be notified same at the registered email address, within a reasonable time. You may wish to terminate your account at any time by intimating us through customer care at + 1 888 598 7226 or email us at In case of cancellation of your account as well, you will be obligated to use our services only in accordance with our terms.


We do not provide a warranty against products, services and other content available on our site. You agree by consuming content or purchasing product(s) that the same is done at your sole risk. All the products, services and contents are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. We do not make warranty that products and services offered will necessarily meet your requirements. The only remedy, in case if you are dissatisfied with our products, services and content will be to discontinue usage of such services by you.


You agree to indemnify Mill No. 8, its affiliates, licensees, successors, directors, employees and all third parties related to production, publishing, dissemination of all products, services and content. Mill No. 8, its affiliates, licensees, successors, directory or employees and all third parties will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive damages. You indemnify us against any adverse claim by any third person against your illegal or unethical act or activities, in whatsoever circumstances.

You are advised to check with your dermatologist as regard to your skin suitability for certain fabric or leather merchandise. In case if you are allergic or cannot wear any material being offered by us, you are advised not to purchase or make use of the same. We cannot ensure that the fabric is suitable for any given individual's sensitivity or skin tolerance. In case if you have purchased a product or products through our services and is found unsuitable for your use, your sole remedy is to return the garment for a refund to the extent of prices charged for the products.


If you purchased a product which is not legally purchasable in your country or state (province) as the case may be, it will be treated as invalid order and no delivery will be made. Subsequently, a refund will be initiated and you will be notified accordingly at your registered email address. In case if the product(s) is already shipped to the destination, we cannot ensure delivery of the same. In this case, we will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused due to receipt or non-receipt of the order. Some provincial laws of US prevent us from giving prizes over pre-defined amount without official notification; in those cases, we might not be able to consider you for the same, even if you may fulfill the criterion.


We have global operations and information is stored, managed & processed across continents in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You agree to adhere to all laws of the land, terms to the use of our services.


We are subject to laws in force in the state of Illinois, US primarily without regard to its conflict of law provisions.



We understand, even after our best efforts, there are unforeseen circumstances, where we may not be able to deliver per your expectations. In such circumstances, we would like to engage with you to address your concerns, avoiding a formal legal proceeding. You agree to approach our in-house redress committee against any complaint regarding any product or services received, with subject – Dispute Resolution at, with your complete contact details and nature of the dispute. We will try our best to faithfully engage with you for quick dispute resolution within 30 days upon receiving such notice. In turn, you agree to faithfully consult us and co-operate for a speedy resolution. In an event, where the dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction, you or Mill No. 8 can approach for the alternative mechanism as advised in this section.


You agree that if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction at appellate committee, then you can approach an arbitrator (as per our choice) and the decision will be final and binding upon the parties.


At any time during sign up or dispute resolution, you can opt out to use arbitration method for dispute resolution, within 30 days from the first use of the site.


As a general practice, we have an independent arbitrator available to help decide any issues rationally and independently, who is also expert in the relevant industry. You need to share your grievances with the arbitrator and after giving a fair hearing to both of us, the arbitrator will decide on a matter as he/she regards as just. The arbitration will happen at the state of Illinois, US unless you and Mill No. 8 agree otherwise in writing.


Your agreement to arbitrate is not an appendage to approach any other remedy available to you but not simultaneously.


You agree not to indulge in a class action against us against any deficiency in service or over the quality of merchandise, but will only resolve disputes with us on an individual basis.


You agree that all disputes in this regard must be subject to the jurisdiction of Illinois and laws in force in the USA. We both agree to waive our right to a jury trial. Any dispute or claim you may witness with respect to Mill No. 8, terms, services, or other contents, or products, must be initiated within one (1) calendar year of the dispute or claim. You waive your right to initiate all such actions, post the tenure completion.